Mr. Choade’s Upstairs Downstairs

On August 4th, I debuted my Firecrotch Act at The Slipper Room Show: Mr. Choade’s Upstairs Downstairs. I also did my Cheese Act. Bastard Keith hosted and Olive Tupartie, Ellie Steingraeber, Chipps Cooney, Seedy Edie and Zero Boy performed.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Dick Zigun’s 65th Birthday Show

On May 11th, I was very grateful to be included in the lineup for Dick Zigun’s birthday show celebration at Coney Island USA. He’s the founder of the Mermaid Parade and responsible for the Coney Island USA non-profit. I was booked for my Menorah Act.

The show was produced and hosted by Bambi The Mermaid. Performers included Gigi Bonbon, Fem Appeal, Tiger Bay, Fancy Feast, Little Brooklyn, Peekaboo Point, Pink Velvet Witch, Trinity Starlight, Qualms Galore, Agent Wednesday, Wendy Blades (sword swallowing with an assist from Sarah Stardust, and Ellie Steingraeber. The stage Kitten was Betsy Propane.