Misspellings Of My Stage Name, Tallulah Talons

Now that I’m coming up on my 50th burlesque show, I’ve been included on quite a few flyers. While most people remember my name because it’s based on the word “tall” which I am, my name is sometimes misspelled on a flyer or show promo. In case someone is Googling me using one of those misspellings, I thought I’d make a post of some of the alternative ways “Tallulah Talons” has been or might be credited:

Talulah Talons, Talulah Tallons, Talulah Talon, Talulah Tallons, Tulullah Talons, Tulullah Tallons, Tulullah Tallon, Tulullah Talon, Tululah Talons, Tululah Tallons, Tululah Tallon, Tululah Talon, Talula Talons, Talula Tallons, Talula Tallon, Talula Talon, Tahlullah Talons, Tahlullah Tallons, Tahlullah Tallon, Tahlullah Talon

Just so we’re clear, I’m always grateful to be in a show and on a flyer, misspelling or not. Also, even Dita Von Teese has had her name misspelled many times and actually the “Von Teese” came to be when Playboy misspelled her original stage name, “Dita Von Treese”!

Tallulah Talons

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