Original Sea Creature Pin

Tallulah Talons designed a limited edition of 100 enamel pins for the inaugural Gills Gills Gills show. They were given to VIP ticket holders at that show and the remaining pins are available now on this website for a limited time. Once these sell out, they are gone forever.

They measure approximately 3/4″.

Price is $15 including shipping anywhere in the US. Please inquire about international shipping.

Sat Nov 2 – Gills Gills Gills Show at Bedlam

We’ve cast our net far and wide to bring you yet another catch of neo burlesque artists in this anything goes show. Dressed as her hideous sea monster alter ego, real life giantess Tallulah Talons serves as your Mistress of Ceremonies. Gleefully spouting dad jokes and singing naughty cabaret songs between acts, she’ll introduce some of the most interesting burlesque you’ve ever seen.

Guest Hosting At Sid’s Again

On April 9th, I guest hosted the monthly installment of Second Tuesdays At Sid’s at Sid Gold’s Request Room. Our featured performers were Nina La Voix, Dominant Jeane, and Bitsy Brulee. Our door dame was Louise The Ill At Ease and Jeremy Goodman returned as live pianist.

I sang several songs including Pony by Genuwine, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, L-O-V-E, and a “Second Tuesdays” theme song.

Guest Hosting Second Tuesdays

On March 12, I guest hosted New York’s only all singing burlesque and variety show!

The show featured guest artists Olive TuParty, Twinky Boots, and Lady Mabuhay. Our live pianist was Jeremy Goodman. Our door dame was Dixie Disaster. After the show, Joe McGinty led piano karaoke until the wee hours of the night.

I sang Give Him The Oo-la-la, The Spanx Song, and a soulful rendition of Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang.


Tallulah Talons is a cabaret performer and has performed in venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Currently she is the resident singing artist at Shelly Watson’s Second Tuesdays at Sids show at Sid Gold’s Request Room. She’s also sung at the off Broadway venues Laurie Beechman theater and The Duplex.

She’s a soprano with a diverse repertoire spanning genres like Menotti arias, cheeky 1920s ditties, classic torch songs, contemporary pop, and sweet love ballads. She also has written original parody songs like The Spanx Song that she’s performed multiple times at The Slipper Room.

Whether you’re looking to add atmosphere to your private event or book a singer to stage a show at your venue, Tallulah Talons is your girl. She can provide a pianist, sing to a prerecorded track, or perform to your house musicians.

Event Production

If you are interested in setting up an entire show, Tallulah Talons also offers full package burlesque and variety show production services and is a delightfully enchanting MC. With her many contacts and over a decade of project management experience, she can curate a full roster of talent based around your theme, connect you with a performance venue if needed, and handle all technical details to make your event run smoothly.

Dirty Blues Show

On November 6th, I kittened the Dirty Blues show hosted by Countess Eden. Each month she co-produces the show with pianist Chris Johnson at Sid Gold’s Request Room. The performers were Rain Supreme, Clara Coquette, and Taradise.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

The Midnight Show

On October 26th, I performed my Spanx and Sea Creature acts at The Slipper Room in The Midnight Show. The host was Boo Bess. Other performers were Tansy, Evil Hate Monkey, Corvette LeFace, Zero Boy, and Pearls Daily.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Match Game

On October 18th, I was booked as a “celebrity” panelist in Match Game NYC, a live game show at Pinks. Match Game is a live game show produced by Tiffany Leigh and co-hosted with Chris Calogero. Every episode features new guest panelists. Since it was near Halloween, I attended as my Sea Creature persona.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Second Tuesdays At Sids: Halloween Show

On October 9th, I was in the Halloween edition of Second Tuesdays At Sids at Sid Gold’s Request Room. The show was hosted and produced by Shelly Watson and accompanied by Chris Johnson on piano. Fellow Performers included Cubby Hall, Matt The Knife, and Lady Zombie. I performed my usual door and kitten duties dressed as the Sea Creature and then I sang a cover of Climbing Up The Walls and debuted my Merrywidow Act.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Slippery Sundays

On September 30th, I was at the Slipper Room in Slippery Sundays hosted by James Habacker. I did my Sea Creature and Cheese acts. Other performers were Gigi Bonbon, Puss N Boots, Alexander Boyce, and Topher Bousquet.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

New York Burlesque Festival

On September 29th, I stage kittened Night 2 Act 2 of the New York Burlesque festival at Brooklyn Bowl. My fellow kitten was Mia Julep and we dressed and styled ourselves as twins. Shelly Watson hosted our half of the show and we did a fun intro number with her to kick off the night. I even got to have a little speaking time at the mic.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Coney Island Film Festival Opening Gala

On September 14th, I was in the Coney Island Film Festival Opening gala. I kicked off the night by gogo dancing on the Freak Bar with Dixie Disaster. Then, I served as stage kitten and magician’s assistant for the main show hosted by Adam Realman. Adam did some sword swallowing and sideshow which I assisted. Tigger! and Wae Messed did burlesque. Xander Lovecraft (sideshow), Greg Dubin (magic), and Sara Parks (comedy) also performed. I also got to show off my contortion skills by going into The Box.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Second Tuesdays At Sids

I returned to Second Tuesdays at Sids at Sid Gold’s Request Room on September 11th. The show is produced and hosted by Shelly Watson. Fellow performers were Storm Marrero, Bettina May, Stephanie Babarek, Jake Dester (sax), and Erica Mancini. I debuted my Spanx act.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.