Cheese Act

Created for the 14th Annual Follies Fromage Show in Coney Island, Tallulah Talons’s cheese act is delightfully strange in that special Coney Island Neo Burlesque sort of way. Watch her literally unwrap herself as a giant cheese Kraft single, twirl around in a swiss cheese bustle skirt, unpeel her dress like a string cheese, and then grind up on a real cheese grater. This act is a sure crowd pleaser and is quickly becoming Tallulah Talons’s most requested too.

Purple Fantasy

Tallulah Talons performs two versions of this act, one for a large stage and a different version for smaller venues with 360 degree view. She begins dramatically in a large purple ballgown with corset top and large voluminous tulle skirt. Her grand finale includes a “fandance” style tease performed with the fluffy skirt.

Menorah Act

Tallulah Talons begins this act as a glamorous showgirl in a black shimmering gown.  As she undresses,  she transforms herself into a seven foot menorah and the grand finale involves her lighting the candles. Tallulah celebrates Hanukkah so this act was created to bring a Jewish counterpoint to Winter Holiday themed burlesque shows. She hopes that it captures the excitement of lighting the Hanukkah candles each night of the celebration.

Love Act

This act explores love and sex in a very campy,  over the top way. Tallulah Talons channels classic Ziegfeld showgirls as she starts the acts dramatically in a big heart headpiece and chiffon robe, but when she opens that robe, Tallulah reveals a very kinky set of fetish lingerie. This act hits all the notes of a classic striptease: vintage style lingerie, a corset, lots of rhinestones, a sensual stocking peel and a titillating reveal at the very end.