Pandemic Burlesque at Club Cumming

Buy online tickets for the May 20th show (features: Luna Lee, Jack Barrow, Genie Adagio, and Tallulah Talons)

Buy tickets for the May 27th show (early access for groups. Features Rain Supreme, Whiskey Jules, Matt Knife, and Tallulah Talons)

Buy tickets for the June 3rd show (Early access for groups. Features: The Maine Attraction, Lady Mubuhay, The Great Dubini, and Tallulah Talons)

Every Thursday night, Tallulah Talons hosts an intimate, socially distanced burlesque show at Club Cumming called Pandemic Burlesque. Every week features a new cast of the top burlesque talent in the city.

Very limited indoor and outdoor seating is available by reservation only. A virtual livestream is also available for remote attendees.

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June 3rd lineup: The Maine Attraction, Lady Mabuhay, The Great Dubini, and Tallulah Talons
May 27th lineup: Rain Supreme, Whiskey Jules, Matt Knife, and Tallulah Talons
May 20th lineup: Genie Adagio, Jack Barrow, Luna Lee, and Tallulah Talons
May 13th lineup: Delysia La Chatte, Michael Karas, Kita St. Cyr, and Tallulah Talons
May 6th lineup: Dirty Martini, Grasshopper, Mimi Hurricane, and Tallulah Talons
April 29th lineup: Miss Coney Island Laura Lee, Delta Major, Rocco Chanel, Nina La Voix, and Tallulah Talons
April 22nd lineup: Amber Ray, Foxworth Vorn, Cecily Starr, and Tallulah Talons
April 15 lineup: Audrey Love, Twinky Boots, Dolly Dagger, and Tallulah Talons
April 8 lineup: Nina La Voix, Broody Valentino, Frankie Eleanor, and Tallulah Talons
April 1 lineup: Paris L’Hommie, Bridget Bareall, Richard JMV, Rosie Tulips, and Tallulah Talons
March 25 lineup: Pinkie Special, Pixel The Drag Jester, Chartruice, and Tallulah Talons
March 18 lineup: The Misfit, Jonothon Lyons / Buddy The Rat, Adrienne Mora, Spookey, and Tallulah Talons
March 11 lineup: Karina Precious, Foxy Belle Afriq, Jack Barrow, and Tallulah Talons
March 4 lineup: Fem Appeal, Poison Ivory, Twinky Boots, and Tallulah Talons
February 25th lineup: Abel Rey, Abby Fantastic (rescheduled), Frankie Eleanor (rescheduled), Chartruice, The Misfit, and Tallulah Talons
February 18 lineup: Blaine Petrovia, The Misfit, Audrey Love, and Tallulah Talons