Tittyhats™ are professional quality nipple pasties made with love by New York City burlesque performer Tallulah Talons!

In the past, I’ve sold some of my Tittyhats™ through Etsy, but it’s always more cost effective to purchase from me directly.

Everything I make is custom and made to order. To order a pair of pasties, please email me at tittyhats @ gmail.com, use the contact form below, or send me a DM to @tittyhats on Instagram.

    My name is Tallulah Talons and I’m a New York City showgirl. As a 6’1 woman, I have always had to make my own stage costumes because regular sized clothes (even underwear) don’t fit me. Along the way, I’ve come up with my own designs and innovative construction methods. After many shows where people have asked who made my panties or boa or pasties (it was me!), I’ve decided to open my very own Etsy shop, starting with my absolute favorite burlesque essential: Tittyhats™!

    Tittyhats™ are different from other pasties because:

    1. They have that classic shape.

    Tittyhats™ are formed into the classic pointed shape worn by burlesque legends of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I’ve studied photos of classic stars like Lili St. Cyr, Blaze Starr, and Gypsy Rose Lee to ensure my burlesque pasties have the same authentic look.

    2. Tittyhats™ are made differently.

    I blend traditional buckram construction with modern materials to create a very durable and sturdy set of pasties. Tittyhats™ are strong but light because they are molded from triple layers of theatrical buckram using modern glues and techniques borrowed from the fine art of millinery (hat making). Lighter pasties are less likely to fall off.

    3. Tittyhats™ are moisture resistant.

    All Tittyhats™ have a protective coating both inside and out which help them resist moisture damage from sweat, adhesives, and body makeup. This sets them apart from typical buckram or craft foam based pasties which absorb moisture causing them to fall apart or warp.  

    4. Tittyhats™ are durable. 

    With basic care,  Tittyhats™ are designed to last through many,  perhaps years, of wearings. A good pair of pasties is an investment. Perhaps you’ve adorned yours with expensive Swarovski rhinestones or they are an integral part of your burlesque act. You don’t want to have to keep re-making them as many performers do when they choose to use less durable pasties. You want your pasties to be professional quality so they last. 

    5. Tittyhats™ are stage tested.

    I’m a working New York City burlesque showgirl and I know what works and what doesn’t on stage.  Over time, I’ve refined my designs to create eye catching pasties that really make an impact. 

    6. Tittyhats™ are fully customizable. 

    You don’t have to be like everyone else and wear cookie cutter pasties.  I enjoy designing one of a kind Tittyhats™ to help you stand out from the crowd. You can request any of my designs in a different size or color.  You can also ask for something completely different that’s never been made before.  I am here to make your pastie dreams come true and I love a challenge.