Guest Hosting Second Tuesdays

On March 12, I guest hosted New York’s only all singing burlesque and variety show!

The show featured guest artists Olive TuParty, Twinky Boots, and Lady Mabuhay. Our live pianist was Jeremy Goodman. Our door dame was Dixie Disaster. After the show, Joe McGinty led piano karaoke until the wee hours of the night.

I sang Give Him The Oo-la-la, The Spanx Song, and a soulful rendition of Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang.

Mr. Choade’s Upstairs Downstairs

On August 4th, I debuted my Firecrotch Act at The Slipper Room Show: Mr. Choade’s Upstairs Downstairs. I also did my Cheese Act. Bastard Keith hosted and Olive Tupartie, Ellie Steingraeber, Chipps Cooney, Seedy Edie and Zero Boy performed.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.