Nurse Bettie

On July 19th, I performed my white act in Calamity Chang’s Nurse Bettie show. Other performers included Jus Tease, Trudy Yours, and the Wonderful Ginger who was visiting from Italy.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Calamity Chang’s Thursday Bettie Show

On June 26th, I was in Calamity Chang’s weekly Nurse Bettie Show, Spanking The Lower East Side. Calamity Chang hosted and performed. The performers were Minx Arcana, Just Tease, and Dolly Dagger. I also got to help host part of the show while Calamity changed into/from her costumes. I believe I did my telephone act.

Calamity Chang’s Spanking The Lower East Side

On January 11th, I did my telephone act in Calamity Chang’s weekly show at Nurse Bettie. Calamity hosted and performed. Other performers were Rubie Magnitude, Margo Mayhem, Minx Arcana, and Liberty Rose.