Calamity Chang’s Thursday Bettie Show

On June 26th, I was in Calamity Chang’s weekly Nurse Bettie Show, Spanking The Lower East Side. Calamity Chang hosted and performed. The performers were Minx Arcana, Just Tease, and Dolly Dagger. I also got to help host part of the show while Calamity changed into/from her costumes. I believe I did my telephone act.

Slipper Room Midnight Show

On May 4th, I performed in the Slipper Room Midnight Show hosted by comedian Seth Hertzog. I did my Cheese and Telephone Acts. Also in the show was Bentley Rebel (pole), Aerial Iasevoti, Broody Valentino, Gal Friday, and Penny Wren. I also gogo danced after the show dressed as Kylo Ren (May The Fourth Be With You).

I Have A Crazy Idea

I was in the I Have A Crazy Idea show on April 15th, 2018 at Branded Saloon in Brooklyn. It was a variety show and I was the only hired burlesque performer that night. The show was produced and hosted by Jeff Simmermon, a comedian. The theme was I Had A Crazy Dream. The other performers were Ellen Turietta (singing), Andrea Coleman (comedy), Michael Ketigan (poetry), Matt P (comedy), Mike Tedesco (music), and Nelson Lugo (magic). I did my telephone act.

Glitter Gutter

On March 14th, I appeared in my first Slipper Room show produced by James Habacker: Glitter Gutter. He hosted as his Mel Frye persona. I assisted the host with the show’s opening bit and then did two acts: Telephone and Cheese. This was also the very first show where I gogo danced.

Fellow performers for the night were Broody Valentino, Peekaboo Pointe, Rosie Cheeks, Veronica Varlow, Syrena, Adam Kuchler (a juggler), and Michael Karas (a juggler).

New York School Of Burlesque Showcase At Drom

I did my telephone act in the New York School Of Burlesque Showcase at Drom on January 21st. Fellow performers included: Maddy Cake, Rita N. Wink, Rosie Rapture, Ella Blue, Desiree De Sade, Ana Delia, Lady Mabuhay, Madame Brassiere, Lily Hitch, Mystere Astaire, and Anna Shevitz. Veronica Viper, Rose Quartz, and Vita Vendetta gogo danced and kittened. Jo Weldon hosted.

Second Tuesdays At Sid’s Debut

On January 9th, I made my debut at Second Tuesdays At Sid’s which is a singing burlesque show produced and hosted by Shelly Watson at Sid Gold’s Request Room. This is a piano bar. In this show, every guest artist sings, so Chris Johnson was there on live piano. My fellow performers were Le Grand Chaton and Roxy Stardust. Kittening was Kismet Katie. We each performed twice. I debuted my telephone act and then did a singing number, a cabaret cover of Cold Hearted Snake.

After the burlesque part of the show, Joe McGinty kicked off the piano karaoke and I sang a few more songs.