New York Burlesque Festival

On September 29th, I stage kittened Night 2 Act 2 of the New York Burlesque festival at Brooklyn Bowl. My fellow kitten was Mia Julep and we dressed and styled ourselves as twins. Shelly Watson hosted our half of the show and we did a fun intro number with her to kick off the night. I even got to have a little speaking time at the mic.

View behind the scenes photos and videos from this show.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

On June 16th, I was part of a burlesque performance art group which marched in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The mermaid parade was created by Dick Zigun and organized each year in Brookyn by Bambi The Mermaid and many other volunteers. I dressed as a sea creature. Also marching in the group was Aphrodite Rose, Galatea Stone, Sweet N Low, Anna Shevitz, Cypress Thrills and others.

I Have A Crazy Idea

I was in the I Have A Crazy Idea show on April 15th, 2018 at Branded Saloon in Brooklyn. It was a variety show and I was the only hired burlesque performer that night. The show was produced and hosted by Jeff Simmermon, a comedian. The theme was I Had A Crazy Dream. The other performers were Ellen Turietta (singing), Andrea Coleman (comedy), Michael Ketigan (poetry), Matt P (comedy), Mike Tedesco (music), and Nelson Lugo (magic). I did my telephone act.

Magical Girl Review

I loved doing the Unpretty Show so much with Magical Girl Burlesque that I did The New Review with them a week later on February 22, 2018 at Mayday Space in Brooklyn. I did my Love Act. The host was Raina Sinclair, Betty Brash was videographer and fellow performers were Jean Harlot, Rita N. Wink, Peachy Kink, Lucy Risque, Rosie Rapture, Galatea Stone, Ravenessa, and Sex Wolf.

The Unpretty Show

On February 16th, 2018 I participated in the Unpretty Show produced by Magical Girl Burlesque. It was hosted by Raina Sinclair and with assists from Betty Brash who was also videographer. Sound was by DJ Stormageddon. The venue was Branded Saloon in Brooklyn.

Fellow performers included: Abby Fantastic, Scarlet Cerise, Anja Keister, Tiny D, and Ruby Zipperz. The stage kitten was Bunny Smiles. I performed my Cheese Act.